Dinesh D'Souza smallHow can Barack Obama demand that others pay higher taxes to help the poor -- even poor people who are not related to them -- while he won't lift a finger to help his own brother?

Dr. Karen Gushta smallHaving seen what can happen to those who voice their belief in biblical marriage -- like Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A -- will evangelicals back away from this issue come November?

Michelle Malkin smallIt looks like VP Joe Biden has been taking extracurricular Democratic jive-talking lessons. And naturally, the defiant Obama campaign backed him up and gave a shout-out of its own.

movie ticket tinyHow should faith impact culture? And how far should one go to promote a righteous and just society? The movie For Greater Glory wrestles with those questions.

movieboard tinyThe Avengers is about a fundamentally moral battle. It evokes a truth through narrative fiction that we can experience in real life. Christians need to be unafraid to share about their own Avenger and Savior.

Survey: 90 million unhappy Americans won't vote

Experts are questioning the results of a new poll that show nearly 40 percent of adult U.S. citizens will stay away from the polls this November.

Gov't role reflected in charitable giving?

Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion & Democracy, believes a new study on Americans' generosity reveals something about personal philosophies on who should help the poor -- the government ... or charitable groups like churches.


Story contains results from Tuesday's poll

Much at stake in California

A pro-family leader in California is asking the public to respond to a handful of anti-family bills expected to appear before the governor in the near future.

Study: U.S. hostile to religious liberty

A new survey conducted by two conservative groups reveals proven hostility toward Christianity in the U.S.


Story contains results from Monday's poll

No valid objections to voter ID law, says judge

A former constitutional law professor is praising a Pennsylvania judge for allowing the state's new voter identification law to take effect.

NOM: Make every Wednesday a Chick-fil-A day

Because of the widespread support Chick-fil-A recently received for Dan Cathy's stance for biblical marriage, plans are being made for more Chick-fil-A appreciation days.

Obama one of the men making decisions for women

President Obama made a statement Monday afternoon about male decision-making that has attracted criticism from a leading women's policy group.

Judge doesn't dismiss PP fraud case

A human rights attorney reports that a whistleblower lawsuit against Texas Planned Parenthood has advanced another step.

China grants senators' request re: fake ID distribution

The head of an organization dedicated to protecting document security is pleased that the Chinese government has shut down a major operation that produced fake U.S. driver's licenses.

Colorado teachers dropping unions

According to the Independence Institute, more than 3,000 teachers have left Colorado's largest teachers union over the past two years, and members are still dropping out.

Jews discounting risks, moving to Holy Land

A Messianic Jewish leader believes a longing for God has led thousands of North American Jews to move to Israel this year despite the risks.

Pakistani child imprisoned for blasphemy

A child with Down syndrome has been arrested in Pakistan on blasphemy charges, and one organization is still urging Christians to pray for the people in that country.

Chinese bank 'a serious threat' to U.S.

The head of a Florida-based pro-family organization is calling on citizens to demand that federal regulators revoke the U.S. bank charter of a China-based bank that has been involved in some questionable financial activities.

'School-to-prison' pipelines a national trend

The Justice Department is looking into a Mississippi county that is allegedly running a "school-to-prison" pipeline, jailing students for simply misbehaving in schools.

Good outlook for school choice

Since more than 20 bipartisan candidates who favor school choice in Florida have won House and Senate primary races, one proponent says the stage is set for strong school choice support next year.

NM high court will hear photographers' appeal

Two New Mexico photographers who were fined $7,000 for refusing to photograph a lesbian "commitment ceremony" will have another court hearing.

LifeWay probing credibility of Olivet Univ.

Baptist Press reports that LifeWay Christian Resources is awaiting the results of a theological investigation of Olivet University as it considers whether to sell its New Mexico conference center to the school.